Maximum-Strength Food Cures

Maximum-Strength Food Cures

This Special Report is available only with a Free Trial of our Cleansing Colon Formula.

Get ready to unleash the amazing healing powers of food--all you have to do is eat it, sip it (in a tea), or use it to make a terrific tonic or soothing salve. It's easy--and loads of fun, too!

Get the relief you need when you need it. You'll discover how to tame a rumbling tummy with yogurt, wipe out warts with castor oil, and eliminate athlete's foot with garlic. And that's just for starters! Check out these fast fixes:

  • Ditch dull hair with an avocado
  • Iron out wrinkles with olive oil
  • Catch some zzzzzs with chamomile
  • Halt a hangover with honey
  • And much, much more!

So don't worry about banishing back pain, battling bronchitis, or blasting blemishes. With these Maximum-Strength Food Cures, you'll be in fine fettle in no time at all!